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Aransas follows Tylar.... Brambles and branches reached out long… - Enter the demented minds.... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Aug. 10th, 2006|11:56 am]
Enter the demented minds....


[Current Location |the edge of reason]
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Aransas follows Tylar....

Brambles and branches reached out long finger-like tendrils to scratch Aransas's flawless skin, to pick at the cloth of her shirt. She used several un-ladylike terms before wrestling herself free one step after another. If she had any visible scratches when she got out of this, Tylar would not be safe from her wrath.
"Tylar?" She called out in her most demanding voice. She heard some more crashing about farther ahead, and she picked up her pace a little bit, the thorns stopping pricking her in favor of whipping her like miniature lashes at her speed. She bit her lip and continued farther into the leafy green darkness ahead of her. Tylar would definitely have to stay awake that night, lest she decide to strangle him once and for all.
Finally, she reached a clearing roughly the size of a broom closet, but she was looking ahead, and she tripped over a quite conspicuous something in the middle of the clearing.
Aransas let out a little cry as she fell down, her face in a nearby bush, barely catching herself on her hands. The thing she had tripped over made a little 'oof!' noise.
Immediately, she noticed the bramble dangerously close to her eye, and threw herself up out of the bush, twisting to be seated, hugging her knees to her. Then, her eyes tentatively opened again, and she saw with what she was sharing the clearing....
Tylar smiled at her. "Hey. Funny to run into you all the way our here," he whispered.
"Damn you, Tylar!" She cried, and she was just considering slapping him so hard that his siblings wimpered when he put his warm hand over her mouth, and caught her eye, smiling at her.
She glared back.
"You have to be quiet, if you're going to stalk my prey with me."
"Mmrammmra *bite* mmmmm."
"Ow. Right. Whatever. Listen, it's square and white, 2-dimensional... kind of difficult to miss. Let's look out for it, mmkay?"
Aransas rolled her eyes, but soon, with Tylar's hand still over her mouth, they were looking out over the greenery.
At first, Aransas thought that her eyes were playing tricks on her. But no, every now and then she would catch a glimpse of something white and square, hopping in and out of the bushes....
Tylar saw it, too. He caught her eye and nodded, and then signalled that she should stay behind. As quietly as he could (which was with about the same amount of silence as a blind bull in a china shop) he stalked off in the direction.
"Yeah right, like I'll stay behind," Aransas muttered, and started off after him, a step after.
Soon, the two were converging upon the white squarish thing, and then, in the blink of an eye, and with a war cry enough to make Braveheart proud, Tylar jumped and tackled the thing, wrestling it to the ground.
Blinking, Aransas watched as the thing writhed in Tylar's grip, but the boy had it pinned down completely. She saw it for the first time, there in his grip....
It was rather large. If it had been standing (did it stand? she didn't know) it would have come up to her waist, and was just as wide. It had a picture on it... a picture of a....
A goat?
Aransas shook her head, confused.
"What the hell is it?" Tylar asked, pinning it under his foot as he stood, watching its efforts to break free.
"I beg your pardon!" Said the Thing, simultaneously scaring the living bejeezus out of Aransas and Tylar. "I," it contued, its tone slightly offended, "am an icon."

To be continued!

[User Picture]From: pyra_angel76
2006-08-10 10:06 pm (UTC)
Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant!! More! More! More!!
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