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[Aug. 8th, 2006|09:49 am]
Enter the demented minds....


[Current Location |the brink of sanity]
[music |Torn- Natalie Imbruglia]

Still terribly lost in the woods/cliffs/mice villages of liveJournal land....
Aransas let out a groan.
"Gods, it feels like we've been walking for hours. I think Tylar got us lost." She sat down on a rock, stretching her long, seized-up legs.
Tylar instantly flared up, offended. "Well! I wouldn't have gotten us so lost if we hadn't been lost to begin with!"
Rolling her eyes, Charlene sighed. As the leader of this unlikely band of would-be heroes, she realized in a jolt what a discouraging idea life was to begin with. She was just thinking deeply on philosophy and the point of humanity, and making up her mind to have a long talk with whatever creator there was about a very, very bad decision he/she had made (namely, Tylar) when something cut into her thoughts.
Dark's strong hands found their way to her shoulders and started rubbing. Charlene's eyes drifted closed, and she leaned back, a smile permeating her features.
"Mm..." She sighed, but this was a calm, contented sigh.
Aransas and Tylar had, for once, gone quiet in their endless, pointless bickering. Aransas was watching the unbelievable cuteness with a sweet smile on her face; Tylar was looking on with an expression of mixed surprise and horror.
All of a sudden, something ran by the clearing, but only Tylar noticed it, because Charlene's eyes were closed, Dark was looking down at Charlene lovingly, and Aransas blinked.
"What was that?" He asked. Charlene and Dark ignored him, as usual, but, for once, Aransas paid attention.
"What was what?"
"Something just ran by here."
Aransas's eyebrow cocked slightly. "Oh? And what did said something look like?"
Tylar blinked. "Er... it was... square-ish... and... er...."
Aransas just watched him turn red and struggle to find words. Finally, she cut him off.
"Give it a rest, Tylar. You don't need to make up some 'square-ish' creature running across the clearing to get attention... because you don't need attention. We don't want to give you attention. We dislike you."
Tylar wasn't listening, though. He was looking off into the distance in the forest, where a bush was conspicuously rustling. He jumped to his feet and ran off after it, disappearing with a crash into the foliage.
Dark and Charlene didn't notice.
"Oh Gods, no...." Aransas huffed, rolling her eyes. Her legs still ached from walking so much... but there was no question. She would have to go off and help keep Tylar from hurting himself.
With another annoyed sigh, she got to her feet and walked lazily out of the clearing.
Charlene's eyes opened slowly, and she turned slightly and met Dark's with her own.
"Hmm?" He asked.
"Did something just happen?"
They both looked around.
"I don't think so." Dark muttered. He started rubbing Charlene's shoulders again, and with a sigh she relaxed back onto him, and they were blissfully unaware of anything.

End part one.
To be continued!

[User Picture]From: pyra_angel76
2006-08-08 11:35 pm (UTC)
Ha, ha, ha!!! D/C are cute aren't they. He's got a lot of nerve hitting on her at a time like this! I mean, there are huge squareish monsters about! What are they going to do when they rage war on the triangle people? They're gonna hide their asses that's what! Because no eliptical being wants to be cautght in the middel of one of those! I just burst out laughing when you said Aransas blinked! That's jsut so funny, because it's tylar's luck. I also like how she says "we dislike you." I can actually hear her saying that! Anyway, hurry up with part two, I want to see the squarish thing!
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[User Picture]From: arei_james
2006-08-09 04:55 am (UTC)
Haha, yeah, Tylar's luck... *chuckles* I like when Aransas referred to the square thing as 'said something'. It sounds so condescending. Ha.

"Aransas was watching the unbelievable cuteness with a sweet smile on her face; Tylar was looking on with an expression of mixed surprise and horror"

Ah, the gender gap.
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